The Memory of Kamuy

Project Statement



『The Memory of Kamuy』

I was born and raised in Hokkaido. Hokkaido was a vast land that the Ainu people revered as gods (the Kamuy) and offered up prayers every day while living there. When the pioneering period began, the primitive forests were cleared and nature was lost rapidly. I did not have any faith in the land where I was born. but my heart was drawn to the landscapes that I encountered repeatedly and came to reverence the land. Frozen lakes, misty riversides, early morning drift ice. Those magical landscapes planted faith in me as the reticent will of Hokkaido. The Ainu say, "Someday, the day when we walk in step with the advancing world will come." In the current age when modern nature is in danger, is faith in nature not a method to reach coexistence? I followed the memories of the landscapes where the Kamuy once existed and captured Hokkaido as if praying to the gods.

Paper : Hahnemuhle Photo Rag
Print : Archival pigment print
Edition : 10
Paper Size : 416mm(W)-590mm(H)
Flame Size : 516(W)- 690mm(H)