Fragments of Kamuy

Project Statement


Historically, the Ainu people have prayed to the divine being "Kamuy" which represents all natural phenomena. We must now learn more about this spiritual practice of the Ainu people, as it can help us discover how to live our future while facing the threat of the environmental crisis. I met with elders in the Ainu community and learned about their prayers that have continued into the present, which were like tiny fragments of their ethnic history. I took photographs with the aim of gathering the fragments of these prayers.

Paper : Premium Fine Art Smooth
Print : Archival pigment
Paper Size : (A3+) 330mm(H)x480mm(W) (13x19in)
Print Size : 252mm(H)x378mm(W) (10x15in)
Number of works : 22
Project progress : 2018~ Ongoing