At the Heart of the Quietly Sea Ice

Project Statement


As the whole world becomes silent amid lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I reminisced the drift ice of Okhotsk Sea. A few months of silence fell over the sea usually covered by blocks of ice that drift to the shore and extend all the way into the horizon. A sea with no waves is so silent that you could hear a pin drop. The cities that have been locked down have the same extraordinary silence. Blocks of drift ice also bring along the blessings of rich nutrients with them. However, global warming has reduced the frequency to only a few days annually, and it is said that one day, they may never reach the shore. The day that we may never get to see this scenery again approaches rapidly, and yet we have not found an effective solution to this crisis. What the silence has taught us is that our ordinary lives can be suddenly stripped away. We must not let this sea of drift ice turn into a rare scenery.

Media Size: (A3+) 330mmx480mm (13x19in)
Image size: 297mmx420mm (11.7x16.5in)
Edition: 10
Media: Pictran Kyokushi Matt/局紙マット
Number of worksː 39
Project progressː from 2020 Ongoing